Meet the Ladders to Kindness Team

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Shelley Joseph

Owner & Lead Trainer

Shelley Joseph, Hekwa’gila’ogwa, has a lifetime of cultural exposure. Being immersed in the lessons and traditional ways of being of the Kwakwaka'wakw, have shaped who she is. She has been on her healing journey for more than 31 years and has combined her lived experience with education in the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well-being of people, families, and communities. She prides herself in holding safe space for people to learn, heal, grow and move forward in new ways for all of us to create a better world for the next generations. She has advocated for Cultural Safety and Kindness her whole life and is passionate about nurturing relationships and true Reconciliation.  After nine years helping Reconciliation Canada with their Community Engagement strategies and delivery, Shelley is excited to deepen the understanding of NAMWAYUT through Ladders to Kindness Training.

Image by Igor Kasalovic

Our Team

Delivering through an Indigenous Lens

At Ladders to Kindness Training, we are all of Kwa'Kwa'kawakw' decent, and are practitioners of our work. 

We believe that kindness, cultural safety and reconciliation are foundational steps in the right direction for all of humanity.


~Namwayut = We Are All One