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Covering ideas about:

  • Lateral Kindness

  • Cultural Safety

  • Reconciliation

  • Indigenous ways of being

  • Trauma and Healing

  • Elevating and Empowering Women


  • LOVE

Shelley takes people on a journey of understanding, to inspiration and taking action.  She binds her lived experience as an Indigenous female, cultural teachings and western education in counselling and life skills coaching.  With that, Shelley brings listeners through a transformational journey that includes some intentional laughing with everyone.

 Foundational to your experience, Shelley shares her understanding of NAMWAYUT.  In the Kwakwala language, it translates to "We Are All One"

Mentored by her father Chief Dr Robert Joseph her entire life on how to deliver messages of resilience and hope, Shelley adds the underlying importance of love..

Her lived experience, cultural upbringing and education, puts her in a league of her own.

“I aspire to empower everyone to their highest selves."

                                     ~Hekwagila’ogwa, Shelley Joseph

We currently offer speaking services

In person

and virtually.




Government/Corporate:     $7,000

Public:                                     $5,500

Community:                         $3,500

For in person delivery, add travel and accommodation if necessary

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