Bringing Lateral Kindness & Cultural Safety to the forefront - This is Reconciliation

Our unique Training programs, designed for teams, organizations and communities, are delivered through an Indigenous lens by an Indigenous team.  We are all practitioners of our concepts.  The team has years of training and experience delivering trauma informed programs to help individuals, communities and teams grow.

We currently deliver all of our trainings both virtually through Zoom and in person (with limited numbers according to public health recommendations)

For more information and to book, email us:

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Lateral Kindness Training

This program will identify and explore what lateral violence is, how it's connected to trauma, what it looks like, ending with what  lateral kindness is and ways to be mindful with it. Through an Indigenous lens, each trainee will leave with a deep understanding of lateral kindness, reconciliation and why it matters.  They will also have concrete actions moving forward and growing the kindness movement.

  • 3 hour Community Program

  • 4 hour Team Program

Cultural Safety Training

This online session training program is available to support your organization and teams understand why being trauma informed matters and how it links to Cultural Safety, and Reconciliation.  Participants will each have actionable items to ensure they deliver trauma informed, culturally safe services to and for Indigenous people.

  • 3 hours

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Reconciliation Training

This highly interactive training will help your organization/community begin learning our shared Canadian history, how it affects us today and why it matters.  In addition to gaining a personal understanding of reconciliation, each trainee will have action plans for personal as well as organizational/community reconciliation.

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Lunch & Learn Session

A 1-hour introductory session into Reconciliation