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A mass grave of children as young as 3yrs old

"Tk’emlups confirms bodies of 215 children buried at former Kamloops Indian Residential School site"

They were children.

File Photo (Image Credit: CFJC Today)

L2K deeply feels the heartbreak in the finding of a mass unmarked grave.

The impacts of Indian Residential Schools is still very much alive and there is still so much work to be done for healing and reconciliation.

We pray for those children who lost their lives so early and never made it home. We pray for their families who weren't afforded the right and opportunity to properly say goodbye and grieve for their children.

In keeping with a traditional teaching "But if not for our children, what would our purpose be" L2K is committed to continue the work of growing reconciliation, kindness and cultural safety, so that all of our children feel valued and feel like they belong.

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