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Being Kind is harder than you think

For instance, when that car cuts you off or doesn't wait for their turn at a 4 way stop intersection and you're in a rush to get home. Or when the person in front of you at the check out counter is arguing with the cashier and you just want to get your food, go home, put your feet up and watch Netflix. Or when rent is due, cable is due, hydro is due, the car payment is due, and you can't pay all of them and you've been working extra hard and aren't sleeping well, and you don't have food in the cupboard and your co-worker isn't doing their job and you're getting blamed for it.


There are so many factors that can make you feel grumpy. And sometimes when it's too much, it comes out in unkind ways. It isn't always easy.

Most of the time we aren't even aware that our actions are unkind. Sometimes we do know. Sometimes, it's how everyone around us behaves and we think it's normal behavior. Sometimes, we feel annoyed at the - always smiling, always polite person who is kind all the time.


Until we know better, behaviors repeat and get passed down through the generations. The good news is, there's hope. I believe each of us has the capacity to go that extra mile, or that extra little step even to be intentionally kind. To actually think about how we treat others rather than functioning on auto mode. And sometimes it's not easy. But all the time, it's so necessary. It starts with you and it starts with me <3

photo by Ryan Dawson

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