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Do You Dare?

We've all heard the slogans and seen the hashtags about being kind during this pandemic.

Thanks to the internet and social media, many are able to share their acts of kindness and inspire others.

While this has filled me with so much hope for the world, there are just as much acts of hate and violence being shared.

I dare to dream that we can change all of humanity. I dare to dream that we all have a place in this world together. I dare to dream that we can be accepted for our differences and loved for our common humanity. I dare to dream of an inclusive world where we can each show up as our authentic selves. I dare to dream that humanity will be the priority and not the bottom line $

Until we address the systems that have been in place for hundreds of years that oppress people and only elevate a few, we'll continue to suffer as a human race. Until we make loving one another as easy as it is to hate one another, we will continue to suffer as a human race. Until we see and acknowledge how connected we are to each other and all things, the planet will suffer and so will we.


Until we dare to act differently all together, this world will continue to suffer.

Do you dare?

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