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Our Collectively Experience This Past Week

From the moment we heard or read the story of finding the 215 children in the mass grave at the Kamloops Indian Residential School last week, there has been a collective and visceral response of grief.

There's been anger, rage, disgust, and every range of emotion. It has been exhausting. It has been hard. It has been liberating even. The liberation of "we told you" years ago this happened at many schools if not all the IR Schools.

While our responses have all been, felt or looked different, at the heart of it all, it is the same.

It's the human response.


We no longer can afford to argue about whose feelings are right or wrong. Feelings are always right to whomever they belong to. Honor your feelings. Honor the feelings of those around you. Be kind to one another.

As we process through the grief and begin to move forward, let's do it our way.

The Indigenous Way.

The kind way.

The way our ancestors did.

Lifting one another up.

We are all in this together.

We are all experiencing this together.

We are all one.

Photo by Reconciliation Canada

There are many platforms to get engaged in "what can I do?"

From donating to organizations that have been doing the work for decades

signing petitions demanding specific actions from the government.

writing your MLA's to speak on the people's behalf to demand action.

Join spaces to told space for others.

Have these difficult conversations with your family, your community your work places.

For far too long, Canada's dirty secrets have been hidden. It's time to bring it all to light and do all we can to create a better world than the one we were all born into. We cannot afford to stay quiet and allow a small handful of "leaders" telling us how to be in this world. We need to work together for all of our children.

It needs to be now. A lot of people wait for "someone" to do something.

You're someone!

Do something. Love more. Love boldly. Love intentionally.

From the Tkemlups on whose lands the children were found:

"How to help"

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