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The Pandemic will end soon

Let's hope with the pandemic ending that the #BeKind movement keeps going.

Keep doing random acts of kindness. Keep helping neighbors. Keep helping community.

From the beginning of the pandemic I have been hopeful that society would make a major shift in how we are as human beings.

Somewhere along history, our societies became more focused on making more money, having bigger houses, "better cars" nicer clothes, more clothes and a never ending list of things.

We lost focus on what really matters. Each other. We lost focus on the importance of humanity. We lost focus on the importance of connection to one another and to the environment.


Although the pandemic brought so much chaos, uncertainty and hardship, it also brought to light, that humans matter. We became more aware that humans matter more than things.

My heart was filled with so much hope seeing all the stories of the endless ways people were helping people; how people were helping strangers even.

It's not always easy changing an entire society. It's not easy changing ourselves. It takes a level of courage to go against what's "normal" in society.


I am pleading everyone to have that kind of courage to go against prioritizing things and keep prioritizing people. And then do it even more ...

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